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The story is always the same. For answers one needs to follow the money!

Money (coins) or broader: numismatics (also medals, coin-weights, banknotes, production machines and other objects linked to coins) form an important element of our society. Although everyone uses money, the history behind it is far less clear.

On this site, monetary-historic research is published. Mainly in Dutch, but that is only depending on the location of the publications.

Do you have questions about numismatics, are you in need of numismatic aid or would you like to have a numismatic course; Dutch Numismatics could be your solution. Contact info@dutch-numismatics.org for more information.

Next to his profession as curator of the Numismatic Collection in a well-known Dutch museum, Jan Pelsdonk is performing monetary-historic research and publishes a lot on this subject. His professional experience started in the end of the nineties. He is an expert in determining coin finds, Editor in Chief of numismatic magazine De Beeldenaar and delegate for the International Art Medal Federation FIDEM. More information: LinkedIn and Academia.